Our Programs: Fit For Us (8 Hours)

Are you married or in a common-law marriage?

Are you interested in relationship education?

If so, FIT for US is the program for you!

Goal – to increase the number of strong and fulfilling relationships between committed partners and ultimately strengthening families and improving the lives of children

We provide participants with experienced facilitators who lead informative, practical and enjoyable workshops.

Overall, this program teaches strategies for building and reinforcing intimate and lasting relationships through:

  • Better communication
  • Management of conflict
  • Controlling potentially destructive emotions

Additionally, our educators provide information about improving parenting skills and financial literacy.

Course Curriculum

  • Moving from “Me” to “We”
  • Feelings: recognizing, accepting and expressing
  • Making an emotional connection
  • Repairing troubled relationships
  • Conflict management
  • Problem solving (together)
  • Expressing intimacy
  • Effective parenting
  • Managing money together

Moving from “Me” to “We”

  • Look at ourselves as individuals and as a couple.
  • Discuss communication skills that will bring couples closer together.
  • Discover how enjoying activities together can change “me” to “we.”

Feelings: recognizing, accepting and expressing

  • Identify some of our feelings, triggers, filters, and behaviors
  • Recognize the support we provide and require
  • Recognize the danger of holding back feelings

Making an emotional connection

  • Identify your partner’s preferred messages of affection.
  • Discuss some essential skills for improving your emotional connection and strengthening your relationship.
  • Increase awareness of the need to cultivate your relationship on a daily basis.

Repairing troubled relationships

  • Recognize signs that indicate a relationship is in trouble.
  • Identify the troubling behaviors and explore ways to have love without hurting.
  • Find ways to change – the abused and the abuser.

Conflict management

  • Recognize that conflict is inevitable and can be negative or positive.
  • Discuss the roots of conflicting situations and ways to handle them.
  • Develop positive conflict management strategies that strengthen relationships.

Problem solving (together)

  • Explore ways to communicate when problems arise.
  • Discuss ways to arrive at an acceptable solution.

Expressing intimacy

  • Emphasize the importance of intimacy in marriage and how sensuality, excitement, and fulfillment are the main ingredients for a good relationship.
  • Help find ways to communicate your love and be reminded of the attraction, love, and passion you want in your lives regardless of the length of time together.

Parenting effectively

  • Understand how your family of origin has affected your parenting style.
  • Understand that “discipline” means “to teach.”
  • Learn and practice positive discipline strategies.

Managing money (together)

  • Manage money better as a couple
  • Learn the importance of money values
  • Learn how to budget and set financial goals